Collection: Celebrate the Festive Seasons with our Nostalgic Christmas Scented Candles

Our Christmas scented candles capture the cherished nostalgia of childhood Christmases, serving as a beacon that guides the spirit back to a time when the world sparkled with magic, and the holiday season held an enchantment that lingered in the heart long after the last snowflake had fallen.

The magic of those bygone Christmases continues to live on through this timeless gift. Each scented candle in the collection unfolds anew with every cherished memory and every twinkle of festive lights.

Christmas decorations and gifts
  • Ingredients

    Premium vegetable wax only, safe to burn fragrances, lead-free cotton wick or recycled wooden wicks, heat-resistant candle glass jars and more.

  • Inspiration

    Any candle is the result of a journey of inspiration through seasons, aesthetics and stories. Read more about our craft here.

  • Options

    Each candle has two options: Regular and Deluxe. Regular usually comes in a different jar with a cotton wick while the Deluxe version comes in a fancier jar with a wooden wick.

  • Discover the best Christmas scented candles for festive warmth

    Explore our handpicked selection of the best Christmas scented candles, crafted to fill your home with festive warmth.

    From the rich aroma of cinnamon to the comforting scent of pine, our candles are perfect for creating a cozy holiday atmosphere.

    Ideal for gifting or transforming your space into a winter wonderland, these candles feature classic Christmas scents that are beloved by all.

  • Experience festive candle scents to brighten your holiday season

    Light up your holiday season with our collection of festive candle scents. Each candle is designed to evoke the joyous spirit of Christmas and winter holidays, blending traditional fragrances like gingerbread and mulled wine.

    These Christmas candles not only enhance your decor but also infuse your home with a continuous stream of holiday cheer, making every moment more memorable.

  • Unwrap the nostalgia of childhood Christmas with our festive scented candles

    Rekindle the magic of childhood Christmases with our nostalgic collection of festive scented candles.

    Featuring scents that recall the sweet excitement of Christmas morning, such as sweet milk and buttery caramel, roasted chestnuts, and spiced orange, these candles are perfect for anyone looking to recapture the enchanting essence of the holidays in every flicker.