What are aesthetics?

Aesthetics, in the broadest sense, refers to the study of beauty, art, and taste, and the creation and appreciation of beauty. It's a branch of philosophy that explores the nature of art, beauty, and taste, with the creation and appreciation of beauty being its core focus. However, in contemporary culture, the term "aesthetics" has also come to describe a particular style or the visual elements of an object or theme that make it pleasing or artistically beautiful. This includes the art of candle-making and how scented candles contribute to creating an atmosphere.

Aesthetics and people

Aesthetics resonate with diverse groups of people, allowing individuals to express themselves in unique ways. Some people appreciate the cozy factor brought by aesthetics such as hygge or scandinavian. Others are more attracted to the mystical world of academia or the nostalgia of the vintage aesthetic.

Our scented candles are an expression of different aesthetics, combine with seasonal elements and stories.

Examples of aesthetics

A hygge-inspired home decor


Originating from Denmark, the hygge aesthetic emphasizes coziness, warmth, and enjoying life's simple pleasures. It's all about creating a comforting, joyful environment through soft lighting, comfortable textiles, and moments of gratitude. Hygge decor often includes scented candles, knitwear, and a preference for warm, neutral tones.

An academia scene with books, lore, and other knowledge-related items


Split into subcategories like Dark Academia, Light Academia, and Chaotic Academia, this aesthetic romanticizes education, knowledge, and the pursuit of learning with a nod to classical literature, architecture, and arts. Dark Academia, for example, embraces a moody, gothic-inspired theme with an emphasis on history, literature, and a mysterious ambiance. Dark Academia scented candles usually have smoky and woody scents, including bergamot, bourbon or vanilla.

An example of spring core aesthetic, green grass, rural living


Cottagecore romanticizes rural living and a simpler, slower lifestyle. It's about harmonizing with nature, embracing DIY projects, and enjoying the tranquility of countryside life. Floral patterns, homemade bread, and lush gardens are staples of this aesthetic. Cottagecore themes include Bloomcore, Springcore or Fairycore. Cottagecore-inspired scented candles are usually rich in floral scents.

a vintage scene with an old clock, mirror, wooden-tapestry and old photo frames


Vintage aesthetic celebrates the charm and style of past decades, ranging from the roaring 20s to the retro 70s and 80s. It's characterized by a nostalgic appreciation for antique items, classic fashion, traditions, and old-world craftsmanship, often blending modern elements with historical influences for a timeless look. Vintage-inspired scented candles have a wide range of scents but they are usually reminiscent of the good old past.

A goth inspired scene on a dark background with a skull and candles


Goth aesthetic is known for its dark, mysterious, and somewhat melancholic appeal. It draws heavily on dark colors, particularly black, and includes elements of Victorian and punk influences. The goth aesthetic encompasses fashion, music, and art that embrace the darker side of beauty. Scented candles inspired by Goth usually include scented such as night flowers, clove, amber and leather.