A collage of different aesthetics, source of inspiration for our candles


The first pillar of our inspiration. Mysterious like Dark Academia, ancient like Druidcore, revitalizing like Springcore, bountiful like Harvestcore, cozy like Hygge or Scandinavian, golden like Vintage, or festive like Nostalgic Christmas, we love them.

Our candle collections are defined by aesthetics.

A collage of spring, summer, autumn and winter


Our second pillar of inspiration. Cherishing and appreciating every season. Alive and thriving like spring, lush and warm like summer, colorful and changing like autumn, and of course - white and crisp like winter. We love them all.

Our candle collections are strongly influenced by the celebration of seasons.

Stories from aesthetics and seasons. An image of a woman standing in a spring landscape at dusk


We create stories and moments of people who celebrate seasons and live by aesthetics. You can read them and dream in our story blog and in our newsletter.

Our stories focus on the senses, two of which are the sense of smell and the sense of sight. That's why you will also find candles in our stories.

Cottagecore aesthetic scene slow life inspiration good vibes


By combining aesthetics with seasons and seasons, we create different lifestyles. From the slow living characteristic of Cottagecore - an aesthetic of spring and autumn, to the warm atmosphere and good moments preached by Hygge - an aesthetic of autumn and winter.

On our social media channels, our story blog, and in our newsletters you will find different lifestyles for many tastes, created to inspire you.

The Flower Foraging hand poured scented candle from our Bloomcore collection

Magic Candles

Think of our candles as the manifestation of our philosophy. Our scented candles are the product of our imagination and our desires.

Strongly influenced by aesthetics, seasons and stories, our candles are created so you can immerse yourself in these worlds.

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