Collection: Discover Summer & Spring Scented Candles with Our Bloomcore Collection

Our Bloomcore collecttion is our summer & spring scented candles collection and captures the essence of a vibrant, awakening nature inspired by the Cottagecore aesthetic. Nature pulses with a vibrant energy, alive and full of wonder. From the smallest blade of grass to the towering trees that reach for the sky, every corner of the earth teems with life as each day unfolds in its own unique way.

Dawn breaks, waking the world to a fresh and fragrant morning, bathed in the gentle glow of the rising sun. The afternoon arrives with a warmth that envelops the senses, inviting one to surrender to the leisurely pace of the day. And when evening descends, a cool breeze whispers through the air, carrying with it the promise of an enchanting night ahead.

A lush scenery with forests, green fields, flowers and a winding road
  • Ingredients

    Premium vegetable wax only, safe to burn fragrances, lead-free cotton wick or recycled wooden wicks, heat-resistant candle glass jars and more.

  • Inspiration

    Any candle is the result of a journey of inspiration through seasons, aesthetics and stories. Read more about our craft here.

  • Options

    Each candle has two options: Regular and Deluxe. Regular usually comes in a different jar with a cotton wick while the Deluxe version comes in a fancier jar with a wooden wick.

  • Celebrate Spring with Bloomcore scented candles

    Embrace the new beginnings of spring with our Bloomcore scented candles.

    Each candle in this collection is designed to reflect the essence of spring with delicate floral scents that transport you into a world of blooming gardens and warm sunshine.

  • Explore all the floral scents in our Bloomcore candle collection

    Our Bloomcore candle collection offers a wide array of floral scented candles that capture the heart of springtime.

    From the gentle touch of lavender to the strong presence of violets and wild roses, each candle is crafted to bring the soft and profound fragrances of the outdoors into your home.

  • Soft and alluring aromas of our Summer & Spring scented candles

    Discover the soft and alluring aromas of our spring scented candles, designed to fill your space with the light and refreshing scents of spring and summer.

    These floral scented candles combine classic flower scents with the unique charm of the Bloomcore aesthetic, creating a serene ambiance that enhances any room.

    Let the subtle notes of spring flowers and summer fruits elevate your home with a sense of peace and elegance.