Our story

Craft Society is the expression of our passion for scents, seasons and stories. Coming out of Germany, we fell in love with the synergy between seasons and aesthetics.

Fueled by timeless stories, we have honed our candle-making skills and are putting in the time to create one-of-a-kind, premium scented candles.

What drives us

We celebrate the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. These serve as motives and sources of inspiration for our work. Combined with beautiful aesthetics like grunge, cottagecore, hygge, indie, academia, vintage, goth, or pastel, we breathe live into our spectacular candles.

By using only natural, organic ingredients, we create natural scented candles that offer a pure and wholesome experience. Each candle is a blend of organic waxes and natural scents that fill your space with delicate, health-friendly aromas.

Our magical candles

Our magical candles are the embodiment of our philosophy. Every material we use, including raw materials is carefully selected and tested, to fulfil our core value: only the best.

Let's talk about the wax we use - exclusively organic - soy and/or coconut. Nothing else.

Fragrance oils - we mix our recipes and test them with tens of people who are kind enough to provide their feedback. All of our fragrance oils come from the European Union and are specifically designed for scented candles.

Jars and accessories - carefully picked from the European Union, we use only materials made for candle burning. Only the best.

Videos about us