Collection: Discover our Dark Academia Scented Candles

Our Dark Academia scented candles form a spellbinding collection inspired by the moody romance of dimly-lit libraries, antique leather-bound books, and the pursuit of knowledge in hidden corners of ivy-clad universities.

Each wick tells a tale, and each fragrance draws you into a world of books, literature, secret societies, and time-worn elegance. Immerse yourself in scents of aged parchment, smoky mahogany, and deep, musky amber that seem to whisper secrets of long-forgotten lore.

Huge mysterious library with bookstands, lots of books and tables
  • Ingredients

    Premium vegetable wax only, safe to burn fragrances, lead-free cotton wick or recycled wooden wicks, heat-resistant candle glass jars and more.

  • Inspiration

    Any candle is the result of a journey of inspiration through seasons, aesthetics and stories. Read more about our craft here.

  • Options

    Each candle has two options: Regular and Deluxe. Regular usually comes in a different jar with a cotton wick while the Deluxe version comes in a fancier jar with a wooden wick.

  • Immerse in Dark Academia aesthetic with our book scented candles

    Step into the enchanting world of Dark Academia with our book scented candles, each crafted to evoke the mysterious and intellectual vibe of this beloved aesthetic.

    Perfect for readers and dreamers alike, these candles blend the rich aromas of old paper and leather-bound books, creating an atmosphere that's both nostalgic and stimulating.

    Ideal for cozy evenings spent with classic literature or deep, reflective reading or writing sessions.

  • Candles with library scents for literary enthusiasts

    Our library scented candles are a must-have for any literary enthusiast looking to recreate the serene ambiance of a grand library or bookstore.

    With notes of aged wood, leather, and a hint of musty parchment, these magical candles transport you to the quiet halls lined with endless books.

    Light one up to enhance your reading experience, or to simply enjoy the tranquil scent of a well-loved library at home.

  • Experience the allure of Dark Academia with pur signature scents

    Embrace the alluring world of Dark Academia with our signature scents, designed to reflect the aesthetic's rich, academic roots and romantic mystique.

    From the deep, musky undertones of ancient libraries to the subtle spiciness of a philosopher's study, our candles offer a unique sensory journey through a world where history and mystery meet.

    Perfect for setting the mood during your studies or while unwinding after a day of scholarly pursuits.