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The fall scented candles from our Cottagecore - Harvestcore collection capture the essence of a heartwarming countryside retreat. Each candle's glowing flame evokes the comforting embrace of golden hayfields, the soft melodies of chirping birds, and the sweet indulgence of freshly baked pies cooling on a windowsill.

These candles invite you into a world where time slows, warm breezes rustle hand-stitched curtains, and every dusk is painted with a myriad of autumnal hues.

The harvest with pumpkins, apples, grapes, pears and other autumn crops

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  • Ingredients

    Premium vegetable wax only, safe to burn fragrances, lead-free cotton wick or recycled wooden wicks, heat-resistant candle glass jars and more.

  • Inspiration

    Any candle is the result of a journey of inspiration through seasons, aesthetics and stories. Read more about our craft here.

  • Options

    Each candle has two options: Regular and Deluxe. Regular usually comes in a different jar with a cotton wick while the Deluxe version comes in a fancier jar with a wooden wick.

  • Discover the best fall scented candles for cozy evenings

    Embrace the essence of autumn with our premium collection of the best fall scented candles. Each candle is carefully crafted to bring the comforting scents of the season into your home, perfect for cozy evenings.

    From the earthy aroma of fallen leaves to the warm spices of harvest time, our candles create an inviting atmosphere that celebrates the richness of fall.

  • Explore our autumnal candle scents collection

    Step into the heart of the season with our autumnal scented candles. Designed to capture the unique fragrances of autumn, from crisp apple orchards to sweet pumpkin spice, our collection offers a sensory journey through the best fall candle scents.

    Enhance your home with the subtle notes of autumn and experience the nostalgic scents that define this colorful season.

  • Experience the variety of Cottagecore Harvestcore candle scents

    Experience the charm of the countryside with our Cottagecore Harvestcore candle collection. Each candle blends natural, rustic scents such as woodsy pine, ripe orchard fruits, and home-baked treats, encapsulating the serene and wholesome spirit of autumn.

    Perfect for those who cherish the simple joys of fall, our candles bring the essence of a peaceful harvest right into your living space.