• 100% natural wax from soy & coconut

    Natural wax, without harmful substances, for safe scented candles.

  • Longer burn times

    Our high-quality wax allows your candles to burn longer and cleaner.

  • Candles from Germany

    All of our candles are made by hand, in Germany.

About Craft Society

Born out of a passion for scents, aesthetics, seasons and stories. We wish you a warm welcome to our online home. You'll find heartfelt stories, cozy vibes and of course, pristine handmade scented candles.

When you buy a candle from us, you 1. Get a story about seasons and aesthetics, compressed into a delightful candle, 2. You can be sure it will be of top level quality and 3. You help a small family business continue making handmade, special scented candles for you and your loved ones.

Collections and fine examples

Dark Academia Scented Candle Collection

Dark academia is a spellbinding collection of candles inspired by the moody romance... 

Bloomcore Scented Candle Collection

A mesmerizing collection of candles inspired by Cottagecore and spring. Nature pulses... 

Craft Society video presentation

About our craft

Carefully selected ingredients, masterfully created scents, timeless stories, and rigorous testing, are all parts of our unique candle-making craft.

Discover the exclusive selection of high-quality scented candles in glass jars

Experience something special with our handcrafted scented candles made from a blend of coconut and soy wax, and create a cozy atmosphere in your home that only candles can do. Unlike traditional paraffin candles, our soy wax candles not only offer a longer burn time, but are also environmentally friendly and create a pleasant ambience.

Each of our candles is inspired by the seasons such as winter, summer, autumn and spring, as well as aesthetic concepts such as Dark Academia, Vintage, Scandinavian, Bloomcore and more, making them a unique work of art that touches both the senses and the soul.

With Craft Society, you can experience high-quality scented candles in glass jars with lids, that offer a gentle to very intense scent experience.

This creates a very special feel-good atmosphere that transforms your home into a fragrant oasis and at the same time creates a deep connection to the beauties of nature and diverse artistic aesthetics. Our scented candles are manufactured in Germany and are not only a statement of quality and craftsmanship, but also an expression of your individual style and personality.

  • Only the best ingredients

    We only choose high-quality ingredients for our natural scented candles. From soy wax to fragrance oils - everything that goes into our candles is carefully selected and free of harmful substances.

  • Safe and sustainable

    Our scented candles not only guarantee an intense scent experience without health concerns, but also support sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

  • Themed scents and timeless stories

    Our scented candles and the scents themselves are an expression of stories we crafted or read about.

  • Made with our hands

    All our candles are manufactured in our artisanal space in Germany, with EU-only sourced ingredients.

Unboxing Fika Fest, one of our scented candles from the Scandinavian collection

Our candles

Our candles are the result of inspiration, dreams, top-quality ingredients and a lot of hard work.

We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to deliver amazing scented candles.

We are glad you are here. Check out our delightful candles in our shop.

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