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Unwind with the Best Scented Candles for Bedroom

One of the main attributes of scented candles is bringing a calm and relaxing atmosphere into your home. By using suitable candle scents in your bedroom you can not only make it more comfy but also help your body and mind to unwind after a long day.

The right scented candle can transform your sleeping space into a tranquil retreat, enhancing your mood and promoting restful sleep. In this blog post, you will learn more about the best scented candles for your bedroom, how to choose the perfect bedroom scents, and tips for using candles to create the ultimate relaxing environment.

Our Best Scented Candles for Your Bedroom

Scented candles for bedrooms should bring a feeling of calm and relaxation into your place. Here are some of our top picks for incredibly soothing candle scents:

What is The Best Candle Scents for Your Bedroom?

Picking the best candle scent for your bedroom often depends on your personal preferences and the mood you want to create. You can choose soothing candle scents that help with sleeping but could also opt for more sensual smelling candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Besides that, you can always adjust your bedroom fragrance according to your mood or the current season.

Here are some ideas for picking the best candle scent for your bedroom.

Seasonal Scent

Different seasons have different distinct scents that capture the atmosphere of this specific time of year. At Craft Society, all our scented candles are inspired by seasons and various aesthetics. Our seasonal scents can enhance the ambiance of your bedroom by aligning with the time of year.

  • Spring: Floral scents like lavender, cherry blossom, and wild rose bring the smell of spring into your home. Discover all of them in our Bloomcore Scented Candle collection.
  • Summer: Fresh and fruity scents like citrus and coconut.
  • Autumn: Warm and spicy aromas like cinnamon and pumpkin.
  • Winter: In our Nostalgic Christmas collection you can find cozy and warm scents that bring festive scents to your bedroom.

Scents for Sleeping

Yes, candles that help you sleep are actually a thing. It's scientifically proven that certain scents help you to relax. This aromatherapy is actually one of the best ways to improve your sleeping quality. Please read below to learn more about the scents that help you sleep tightly.

Romantic Candle Scents

To create a more romantic atmosphere, choose sensual candle scents. Here are some excellent aromas you should look out for when shopping for romantic bedroom candles.

  • Jasmine: Exotic and floral, perfect for romance.
  • Vanilla: Sweet and comforting, creating a warm and inviting space.
  • Rose: Classic romantic scent that adds a touch of elegance.

Best Candle Scent for Women's Bedrooms

When it comes to candle scents, women typically prefer soft, sweet, and warm scents that have a calm and elegant vibe. These scents include:

  • Lavender: Calming and universally loved.
  • Peony: Sweet and floral, perfect for a feminine touch.
  • Vanilla: Warm and comforting, ideal for a cozy atmosphere.

Our recommendation: Flower Foraging

Best Candle Scent for a Man’s Bedroom

Men, on the other hand, prefer woody scents with spicy and refreshing notes. If you're looking for a scented candle for a men's bedroom, check for these aromas:

  • Sandalwood: Earthy and grounding.
  • Cedarwood: Strong and masculine, perfect for a man’s bedroom.
  • Bergamot: Citrusy and refreshing, reducing stress and anxiety.

Our recommendation: Velvet Volumes

What Are The Best Scents for Sleep?

Here are some of the best scents known for their sleep-inducing properties:

  • Lavender: Lavender is probably the most famous scent for helping you relax and unwind. calming and relaxing effects. It not only helps you sleep but also helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Bergamot Orange: The citric notes of bergamot have a calming effect and can help to reduce anxiety significantly.
  • Chamomile: Known for its soothing properties, chamomile calms your mind and prepares your body for sleep.
  • Jasmine: The sweet and floral scent of Jasmine has a calming effect on our nervous system. Its scent makes your mind calm and helps you fall asleep.
  • Sandalwood: The earthy aroma of sandalwood helps to create a peaceful environment.
  • (Clary) Sage: Best known for its stress-relieving properties.
  • Mint: Mint is famous for its refreshing scent. However, the scent of mint is also known to clear your mind and help you to relax.

Bedroom Fragrance Tips

The Right Time to Light Your Scented Candle

We recommend lighting your scented candle in your bedroom about 1 to 2 hours before going to sleep, then turning the candle off when going to sleep. This will make your bedroom smell fresh and create a calm atmosphere.

Consider Room Size

For large bedrooms, you may want to light multiple candles instead of just one to create an appropriate effect. An easy way to check if that's the case is to light up one candle and check after 30 minutes if the scent is noticeable. If not, think of adding a second one for best results.

Choose Quality

If you decide to buy scented candles for your bedroom, make sure to invest in high-quality, premium scented candles. Make sure, they're candles crafted from natural waxes like soy and coconut and organic oils. These candles burn cleaner and provide a more pleasant and lasting fragrance.

At Craft Society, we are proud to produce all-natural candles from a soy-coconut wax blend. All our scented candles are made by hand in Germany and use only the finest ingredients.

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